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[Prepare Windows 10/11 ISO for MDT | KC’s Blog


Please do some research if you have any concerns about this installation, the leaked Windows 10 build, features and downsides. You are choosing to make these modifications, you should blame yourself for any mistakes you make. Once installed, the partition 4 of the drive i. C: will be completely wiped. Make sure you backed up all of your data to another drive or on a computer. Do not install Windows 10 unless you have followed very carefully the tutorial and have Secureboot disabled!

Not disabling Secureboot properly might lead to a unrecoverable soft bricked device as reported by some members. The download links associated to Yandex Disk are not owned by Alexenferman. The files can be changed at any moment by its owner without further notice. If a file in question is not accessible, please leave a comment below.

You understand that you are responsible for any damages made to your device. Frequently asked questions A lot of people have asked the same questions, so here are some of the questions and answers: FAQ: Windows 10 on the Surface RT. You must know the model of your tablet to get the appropriate files for it.

Turn your tablet around to see the colour of the metal back cover. The left one is the Surface RT and the right one is the Surface 2. Download Options There are different ways to get your files. You don’t have to download them now, as the tutorial will link you to the files when they will be necessary.

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Yandex disk: Due to the recent addition of the “Download limit exceeded” message, Yandex Disk is no longer a viable option to download files from. Instead, a Google drive mirror will be offered.

RT Drive Google Drive. You may be asked to enter an administrator password or confirm your choice. After the tool opens, make sure that “Back up system files to a recovery drive” is not selected , and then select “Next”.

Make sure that “Back up system files to a recovery drive” is not selected. If you do not disable this option, it will cause errors in the future. Connect the USB flash drive to your computer, select it, and then select “Next”. Select “Create”.

A large number of files need to be copied to the recovery drive, so it may take some time to complete. It’s time to download the install. Download the one for your specific device. Surface RT or Surface 2 Make sure to download the correct file for your specific device. By installing the wrong image, you will not be able to get past the setup screen.

Copy the install. Entering Recovery mode Make sure Surface is turned off. Hold the volume down button and press the Power button once. When the Microsoft or Surface logo is displayed, release the buttons. After seeing the prompt, select English US.

Select “Troubleshooting”, “Advanced Options” and “Command Prompt” If prompted for a recovery key, select “Skip this drive” at the bottom of the screen. Formatting partition 4 In the command prompt window, type the following commands:.

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Once you are done, open file explorer and click on “This PC” If the C: drive does not have a lock icon, you successfully cracked Bitlocker and have installed the patched Windows 8. Restart your tablet. Right-click the InstallPolicy. Using the Volume buttons, select the option “Accept and Install” Press the Windows button to select the option.

If you see the Windows boot manager error 0xcf instead, follow these steps to fix it and come back here. Leave it empty and click on next. You should see this text at the bottom right of the screen: If you see this, you can now proceed to part 4!

Otherwise, if you don’t know what you did wrong, you can repeat Part 3. You must make sure that Secure Boot is actually disabled before proceeding! Do not skip this step, otherwise, if you do not disable secureboot, your Surface RT might refuse to boot anything at all! By this stage, Alexenferman, Google, Microsoft, XDA Developers, are not responsible for any permanent damages or bricks made to your device.

You have been warned! Windows 10 Surface 1 RT. NOTE: you can delete the old Windows 8 install. You will not need it anymore. Booting up Windows 10 After waiting for a few minutes, you should see an error message. Don’t worry, this is normal. Extract APPX1. Right-click Appx. Right-click AppxBundle. From the other files downloaded, install the Microsoft.

See this section to install App Updates, Office , and fix a few issues. Visit Extras Section. May 15th September 16th Alexenferman. Make sure to download the correct file for your specific device. Windows RT Surface 2.

For Surface 2 users, Windows will be in Chinese. Use Google translate with the camera function. You can change the Windows language in the Settings app. If you see an error after applying the commands, follow these steps to fix it and come back here. If your Surface does not turn on anymore, follow these steps to fix it and come back here. Windows 10 Surface 2.

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If you see a blue screen with error 0xcf or 0xc instead, follow these steps to fix it and come back here. YouTube Elektrohax. Show Comments. Add images to services like postimage and then link them so that we can understand your problem. Also, make sure you read through the comment section and help section to make sure that your question was not already answered. Saying “It doesn’t work” will never help you and your request might be ignored.

For a faster response , consider also describing your error on the XDA thread here so a bigger community can give you the best answer. Feel free to post comments Feedback, problems to avoid in this comment section. Due to high demand, for Questions regarding the installation, Is it fast? How well does it work? Any questions regarding the installation in this comment section will be ignored from now on.


Install wim download windows 10. Bypass in Windows 11 the TPM 2.0

Win11 TPM2. Hi lakonst, Thank you very much for your prompt reply and suggestion of using NTLite. Copying takes a few minutes because it is over 3 GB. August install wim download windows 10 Table of contents. Extract the Windows ISO image file. Tip: Нажмите чтобы перейти you haven’t saved your important data, do it now and only then the installation.