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Log into your account. Forgot your password? Create an account. Register for an account. Acronis Disk Director 12 is a set of powerful tools for hard disk management , that work together to optimize your disk usage, and protect your data. The software lets you create and manage disk partitions to store different file systems or operating systems on one disk. You can easily recover lost or deleted data partitions, even if your operating system fails to boot. Acronis Disk Director 12 will help to reduce time of image backups and diagnostic tools, and improve overall PC performance.

Acronis Disk Director 12 includes powerful features like Dynamic Disk and GPT disk support, spanning a volume across multiple disks and much more. Sign in Join. Sign In Welcome! Log into your account Your username.

Your password. Sign Up Welcome! Register for an account Your email. Your username. Password Recovery Recover your password Your email. Description Changelog Specifications. Acronis Disk Director 12 Features: Manipulate. Manage your data, whether you are splitting, resizing, converting or merging volumes.

Create, convert and copy files and volumes as needed. Mapping hard drives and creating partitions are made easy, allowing you to do more in less time. Format, label and make your partitions active in one easy step reducing time spent and risk of errors. Let Acronis Disk Director make complex operations easy and more efficient with an intuitively designed user interface.

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Volume recovery is an easy to use tool that lets you recover volumes that were accidentally deleted or damaged due to a hardware failure. Clone disk to a replacement HDD. Disk cloning returns you to action on the new disk in just minutes Install. The ability to SPLIT your existing single volume into two volumes, and install a second operating system into the second volume.

As your requirements change, you can quickly convert between basic and dynamic disks in just moments. Span volume across multiple physical disks — Supports up to 32 disks. Acronis Disk Editor allows direct byte accessing and editing capabilities on your disk.

Additional Features: Browse through detailed information about all hard disks, partitions, and file systems Explore partition data before performing partitioning operations Hide or make visible partitions of any type Format partitions Automatically optimize hard disk space usage Preview changes made in a partition layout before applying them to disk. What is new in Acronis Disk Director The Server license is required for server operating systems, the Workstation license for other operating systems.

Support for Windows Server Support for native 4K disks disks that report a 4 KB logical sector size. Previously, only byte emulation disks e were supported. Compatibility with Acronis True Image Both products can operate on the same machine and on the same Linux-based bootable media. Use the media builder provided with Acronis Disk Director to create this media.

Updated Linux kernel in bootable media to support modern hardware.


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GPT disks cannot be cloned. You cannot clone a single partition, only cloning of an entire disk is possible. Only basic disks can be cloned with Acronis Disk Director Select to clone the disk As is or Use proportional volume resizing. Check the Copy NT signature box or leave it unchecked applies only to Windows : As is Use proportional resizing As is : the partitions on the target disk will of the exact same size as on the source disk. If there is any free space left on the target disk after cloning, it will be unallocated.

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Use proportional volume resizing : the cloned partitions will be automatically resized to fit the space of the target drive.

Proportional resizing works both for smaller and larger target disks. With the Copy NT signature option enabled, you will have the signature from the source disk copied to the target disk. With the Copy NT signature option disabled, you will keep the existing signature of the target disk.

Click Finish to close the wizard, then press Commit operations to start the cloning:. Of course the new ADK is not supported – it is too new Today is Acronis team is not just slow, but thay are slackers, because in 1 year thay should be able to do it.

And must be very easy, because Acronis True Image updated version already support NVMe disk, in this case must be very easy do the simular thing with Acronis Disk Director. Thats really unbelievable and I really dont understan. If there will not be any update very soon, than I will be looking for other software, which will be supporting NVMe.

Mostly every year I was buying new version, and I have bought already like 20 licensess Please submit your feedback on Acronis Disk Director 12 through the feedback form. These feedbacks are analysed on daily basis and forwarded to the respective departments. The feedbacks help the product managers see the actual scope of requests and consider the changes.

Acronis have you any plan for a new Patch to resolve this problem? We are considering releasing an official update for Acronis Disk Director 12, but at this point there are no plans on on doing that in the nearest future a couple of weeks at least. There is a build where the issue with NVMe drives detection has been fixed. The build is unofficial, it has not been fully tested and we provide it with no guarantees whatsoever.

Those who still want to check it out, fully understanding they are doing it at their own risk, can download it from our FTP server using connection details below:. I will test it more throughly next week. I think the key thing is to wipe everything clean ie uninstall both products then reinstall. Make sure you have your product registration codes to hand! Same issues on my side. I would recommend to contact our support team while you have an active support program.

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Acronis seems to be getting worse about claiming what their products support, only to leave the user with a broken piece of software. If you have problems with installing the update, as I did, see Jongar’s earlier post about how to resolve the problem. Yes, I have the latest update. DD11 was not installed on my system, I disabled my anti-virus and disabled the Acronis Backup Service process. I’ve tried three times – no go. Acronis Disk Director 12 not working on win 10, it seems it worked before but not now why?

After upgrade to windows version So yesterday out of curiosity I installed it on my Win 10 64 bit machine and it seems to run. But the odd thing is that it successfully finds the internal drive that I just upgraded to WD Black M. The build is Any ideas? Does it not see the drive in both Windows and when booted to the bootable media? What is the logical sector size on the disk? Acronis Disk Director only supports disks with bytes logical sector size. Authored on. Order Asc Desc. Date within – Any – 1 day 3 days 1 week 2 weeks 1 month 2 months 6 months 1 year.

Thread needs solution. Posts: 1. Comments: 0. Anna Trifonova [Inactive]. Forum Star. Posts: Comments: Thank you,. David Beasley. Posts: 0. Comments: 1. Robert Comfort. Comments: 8. Robert Vaughan.

Regular Poster. Any update on ETA? My need for partition reorganizing is growing! Forum Member. I’m not sure I understand this thread. I have DD12 installed on two Win 10 Pro 64 bit desktops and it works fine.

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